Are You An Online Coach or Practitioner That's
Ready To Generate Leads On Demand 
And Make More Money?

If you’re feeling stuck and overwhelmed with how to gain new clients, 
make more sales and build a successful online business, 
it’s time to put an end to that now. 

You don't need crazy tech, much experience or a huge 
social media following to crush your sales goals 
and your online business...what you need is a system.

Introducing: The Funnel Formula

In 4 weeks, I’ll show you how to create, launch and grow an automated evergreen sales funnel to sell your courses and/or coaching programs year-round on autopilot, so you can create consistent sales every day/week/month without the hustle and struggle.

Sales are the heartbeat of your business

whether you’re selling an online course or 1-1 services. If you ain’t got sales, you ain’t growing your business. 
How would it feel to wake up to those notifications on your phone, that someone purchased your program or booked in for a consult with you while you were sleeping?

You hear that "cha-ching" sound while you are out grocery shopping, rock-climbing or watching a movie with your kids on the couch!

(All real life examples from my clients and students!)

Or what would it mean for you to have a system in place that brought in sales while you were on an extended leave - like a month-long vacation, a sabbatical, or even maternity leave? 

How would it feel to know you still had sales coming in even while you were "out of office" and off the grid for a bit?

That’s the beauty of having an automated funnel in place.

So what is a funnel?

A funnel is an email journey that your leads go through. 

Like thisYour lead opts-in to your lead magnet, they receive a series of automated emails from you and from here, you pitch them.


But also not so simple…

  • You need the right lead magnet that your ideal clients drool over (which we help you create in The Funnel Formula program) 
  • You need the right copy and aesthetic to your opt-in page (which we help you create in The Funnel Formula program)
  • You need the right tech and automation set up (which we help you navigate in The Funnel Formula program)
  • ​You need to write compelling copy in your automated emails so that you can convert leads to sales (which we help you create in The Funnel Formula program)
As you can see… we've got you covered! We’ll cover all the steps to building and creating your funnel, right from ground up. 

YOU are the most qualified person to 
build your own automated funnel...

 even if you know nothing about funnels! 
Your sales funnel is the VERY CORE of your business. You sell more. You gain more leads and your business grows – period. 

I remember back in the day while in nutrition school, how excited I was to get out into the world and start my own nutrition business.. I thought to myself “Wow - I’m going to make great money doing what I love and help so many people!”

After graduating I had so much knowledge and all the tools to help someone achieve their health and wellness goals but… no one was banging down my door to work with me.

This left me going from job to job for many years because I just couldn’t get leads. I had no idea how to gain clients, how to stand out as the expert and how to make sales! And then… online marketing happened. 

I decided to take my business completely online and can you guess what I created first? MY FUNNEL!

My funnel helped me generate a multi-six figure nutrition business. I spent every.single.day, learning about marketing, sales, funnels, sale copy and creating and crafting numerous high converting funnels. 

My business exploded because I learned how to become a marketer. I spent so much time investing in nutrition course after nutrition course, thinking the more designations I had after my name, the more business I would get. WRONG!

Marketing changed the game for me and it also became my passion. In the past 6 years I’ve lived and breathe all things online marketing and now I teach and coach practitioners, nutritionist and online service providers how to grow and scale their business with ease.

Seeing my students hit consistent 5 figure months, crush their online launches and sign high ticket clients is the best reward. 

It’s Why I Created The Funnel Formula.

What will we cover in this course?

Week One
Creating Your Lead Magnet - Tuesday Jan 5th @ 7pm EST
Stumped on what to create for your community? Don't want to give away too much? Not even sure what a lead magnet is? We're going to dive into HOW to create a freebie for your niche that people will be dying to sign up for. 
Week Two
Automated Emails - Tuesday Jan 12th @ 7pm EST
The key to your funnel is all in the emails. What you say, how you say it, the value you offer, the way you structure your emails – it ALL matters! I’ll teach you the exact formula and provide you with sample scripts. 
Week Three
Implementation Week & Q&A Call -- Tuesday Jan 19th @ 7pm EST
It’s hot seat time! We’ll dive into your most pressing questions and finalize the steps to having your lead magnet up and ready so you can finally grow your list.
Week Four
High Converting Landing Pages -- Tuesday Jan 26th @ 7pm EST 
Did you know you have less than 6 seconds to capture someone’s attention when they land on your page? Your copy and design can make or break you. I’ll teach you exactly what you need to do and what NOT to do. 

Let's not forget about the BONUSES!!

  • Receive sample email copy and scripts to help you write your sales funnel ($500 value)
  • Receive a done-for-you Canva ebook template that you can use for your lead magnet ($99 value)
  •  Get my Niche Worksheet to help you craft the best funnel for your prospects and make more sales ($99 value)
  • ​Receive a bonus Facebook Ads training to help you set up your ad in ONE day and drive traffic to your funnel ($300 value)

JUST One Easy Payment of $499
Or 2 Payments of $250

In a matter of weeks, you can bring in more leads, 
make more income and make a bigger impact

I’ve become known for my no-BS coaching style and helping others create successful online businesses using cutting edge, innovative strategies that no one else is teaching. You’re about to learn my fresh-squeezed strategies for making more money teaching what you love.  

Building your business doesn’t need to be hard. It doesn’t need to be overwhelming. It doesn’t need to be complicated. 

All you need is the willingness to learn and to dive in and implement what I teach. I got you!

-- Sam XO

The Funnel Formula
Created By Samantha Gladish
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